Light up your life… by adding lighting to your home in Aberdeen and surrounding areas

Let’s face it. A brighter outlook starts with a brighter environment. By lighting up the space around us, we feel more secure, safer, and more positive.

That brighter outlook can begin at home, literally, by adding lighting to spaces in your house that will modernize your living space, save energy, and enhance the value of your home.

Here are a few types of lighting that may be just the ticket to brighten things up a bit around the house:

Under-Cabinet Lights
Brighten up your kitchen or living room the subtle, mood-setting power of under-cabinet lighting. These lights help to illuminate any work space and are fully functional – as well as stylish. Depending on your needs, or room layout, these lights are typically easy to install.

Pendant Lights
These lights are typically used in areas such as the dining room or kitchen where you are looking to add direct lighting. But pendant lights can be used in any part of your home if they are positioned correctly.

Recessed Lighting
For a bit of a modern touch to your home the answer may be recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is ideal for entertainment rooms, dining rooms and great rooms – any space that might benefit from subtle, indirect lighting. In today’s homes, recessed lighting has become the fixture of choice for a variety of rooms.

Chandeliers are back in style and let you add add a bit of opulence to your foyer or entryway or great room. These light fixtures are ideal for high ceilings and large spaces. Modern chandeliers come in a variety of classic and contemporary designs and finishes like bright brass, rubbed bronze, or copper-colored styles.

Smart Lights
You control everything else with your smart phone… why not the lights in your home! This is a great choice when it comes to providing a safe solution if you need to enter a room or climb stairs and the switch is at the other end of the room or at the bottom of the steps. Some work with smart phones or with devices such as Siri or Alexa. Imagine being able to turn off lights in a room without having to go upstairs or holler at the kids to turn off the hall light!

Find out more about how you can brighten things up around your home with a call to Mister Sparky. We’ll help recommend the ideal lighting for your home and offer a safe and proper installation.